The Challenges

The utilities industry faces the onslaught of various challenges such as consumerism, aging work force and shifting demand. Combined with the escalating competition, utility companies are under immense pressure to re-assess their strategies and use of technology. The entire industry is going through a transformation and all entities within it are struggling to realign their capabilities to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

The Solution

Schmetterling combines innovation and knowledge in IT outsourcing to help clients meet the challenges. From outsourcing call centers to creating content management systems, we ensure that our clients in the utilities sector exploit their capabilities to the fullest.

Some tangible benefits that our BPO delivers include:

  • Reduction in:
    • Daily Sales Outstanding
    • Customer Disputes
    • Account Receipts
  • Increase in Collection Amount
  • Assurance of Quality Accuracy
  • Cycle Time Adherence

As such, our BPO and other outsourcing solutions form a part of a strategic initiative that propels our clients’ operational efficiency to the spiraling level required by the now exceedingly competitive and customer-centric industry.

60% of the water utilities industry have already outsourced, or planning to outsource to India.

Certainty of Performance & Efficiency

Schmetterling gives our clients in the utilities sector a sense of certainty of performance and efficiency in the face of growing uncertainties associated with the competitive consumer markets, shifting regulations and the increasing pressure for minimizing costs.

Health, Safety & Environmental Impact

By availing our efficient BPO and other outsourcing services, our clients enhance their ability to meet the health, safety and environmental requirements that are characteristic of the utilities industry. This is made more difficult by the mounting pressure to cut costs. In any case, our outsourcing solutions help free-up valuable resources in the form of people, money and technology, to help them create production environments and work processes that are safe for the workers, the environment and ultimately the company.

Important Notice

Please Note : Schmetterling does not offer jobs outside India, we have not appointed any agency to offer jobs outside India and we do not ask for any fees or commissions to apply or even work with us when selected.