Gautam Vora (Co-founder & Director)

After serving in various IT firms, Gautam Vora co-founded Schmetterling in 2009. Gautam was responsible for developing the business into a group strategy think tank and a promoter of new ventures in high technology industry. He was involved in building and scaling early stage ventures, first as a business development manager in various IT firms and since then now as an entrepreneur at Schmetterling He is passionate about bringing about change through market based interventions which have been themes in the organizations he is involved with.

Gautam has received Bachelor of Commerce degree from Calcutta University.

He is also responsible for creating over 350 IT jobs in Kolkata, India.

Schmetterling also appears in the Top list of Indian IT & ITES firms of 2011, published by Dun & Bradstreet, India.

Recommended by many of his previous clients, Gautam is responsible for Schmetterling’ exponential growth of over 176% in less than 3 years.

Gautam firmly believes that every person has a right to growth and the onset culture at Schmetterling encourages innovation and passion for horizontal, vertical and even growth outside the firm.

Gautam envisions to take the firm to newer heights every year until he identifies his successor(s) from within the team to be able to retire with a sense of achievement.

Mithu Mullick Vora (Co-founder & Director)

After heading operations for various IT firms, Mithu Mulick Vora co-founded Schmetterling An IT operations executive with 11+ years of management experience, Mithu has been consistentently successful in achieving revenue, cost productivity and delivery goals. Mithu oversees core operational development functions including but not limited to sales, customer support, technical support, human resource, quality, reports, training and recruitment. Mithu has led team to achieve 200% sales growth in less than 3 years. Mithu is an effective analyst, problem solver and communicator.

Mithu has received first class distinction in Post Graduation Diploma in Business Management (MBA) from IISWBM, Calcutta University.

Mithu was responsible for transitioning and scaling early stage ventures, first as Senior Operations Manager in various IT firms and since then now as an entrepreneur at Schmetterling She is passionate about exceeding the targets and business expectations.

Mithu has received numerous awards while working for several IT firms in the past. She has also represented IT firms in International Seminars and Conferences.

Mithu firmly believes that effective management is the foundation of any firm’s growth. She finds passion in people management and passes skill sets to her people for constant growth. She shares Gautam’s vision of building strong management team that can take over the operations of the business successfully at the right time.

Important Notice

Please Note : Schmetterling does not offer jobs outside India, we have not appointed any agency to offer jobs outside India and we do not ask for any fees or commissions to apply or even work with us when selected.