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Welcome to Schmetterling

Delivering Reasons for Success

Schmetterling is a world-class outsourcing company providing cost-effective and innovative BPO and other IT solutions. Schmetterling makes head way in utilizing state-of-the-art technology for enhancing the efficiency and value of its client companies. Every solution delivered by Schmetterling, whether it is software development, web development, telemarketing services or internet marketing, is in effect a reason for our client's success.

Achieving Efficiency

Efficiency is at the heart of high performance, success and goals achievement. Schmetterling injects your business with the efficiency it needs to survive, thrive and achieve the objectives envisioned for it. Efficiency is the elusive invariable of success and with Schmetterling, it's not so elusive. From world-class IT talent and smooth work process to state-of-the-art facilities and a smart business model, every aspect of Schmetterling is geared towards helping you achieve your goals.


Schmetterling appears on the leading rolls of the BPO industry for its incredibly swift and secure services and solutions including Call Center Services and Telemarketing Services.

Web Development

Get the most innovative web development solutions including website design and website development for highly competitive pricing.

Software Development

Schmetterling combines the latest software development technology with the most talented software development professionals to offer the efficient, scalable & cost-effective software solutions.

Internet Marketing

Use Schmetterling Internet Marketing services such as SEO and Pay Per Click to transform the power of the internet into the power of your business.

Important Notice

Please Note : Schmetterling does not offer jobs outside India, we have not appointed any agency to offer jobs outside India and we do not ask for any fees or commissions to apply or even work with us when selected.